“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley



Crazy Hair day at School....
I love that my boys like to participate in
stuff like this and aren't too embarrassed or "too good". They are so fun.


Happy Halloween 2010!

I always say, every year, that I'm not dressing up for Halloween. And every year I dress up. I just can't resist. I love "transforming" into something else for the night. And this year was so much fun.

I actually dressed up 3 different times. (same costume) And I won a prize at our ward's Halloween party. It was so funny to see the reaction of everyone when they actually looked me in the eyes and realized they were "crazy eyes"! hahaha Even Josh with his $5 mask from Walmartz looked a tad bit scary. The kids all picked out their own costumes, even with me trying to sway them otherwise. :)

We had so much fun and of course, scored lots of candy!!

Belle's 1st day of Preschool

Finally! We had Belle on a waiting list for a preschool and she wasn't moving up the list fast enough. I finally enrolled her with a sweet girl in the ward that does preschool out of her home a few days a week. It has been so good for Belle to get out the house....(and out of my hair!) She IS the oldest in her class....and one of the more "mature" ones, but she hasn't seemed to notice. She loves all her little friends so much. And I love the few hours I get twice a week that I'm not tripping over her or having her right on my heels as I get things done around the house. :)


Boys will be Boys......"sigh"

I've found a few of these signs up on the boys' bedroom door. I've taken them down and then find a new one up again later. Belle can't read it, so I'm not worried about sparing her feelings yet. (and she does what she wants anyway!!) And I guess it's just the boys being boys. I'm not going to worry about it. It guess it's kind of cute.....for now.

Mr. Smarty-Pants

Brady-holding up his honor roll certificate.

He and his brother are doing so well in school.
The difference is that Brady actually enjoys it. He got an
award for making the honor roll and got to take his dad
to a breakfast where they honored all the students and ate cinnamon rolls.
I'm so proud of him, but really can't take any credit. He completely
takes after his smarty-pants dad in this area.

I will take credit for his amazing good looks. :)