“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley


I hate/love the 80's!

(I can't believe I am going to put this out for all to see.....
but since a few of you have been bugging me for pictures....)

yes....this was JUST LAST WEEK!
 I was going to get everything updated and stay "in order".
However, it's going to be a while and I just finished editing this BEEaUUtifullll,
picture and thought I should blog it straight away!
A friend here in Yuma had a baby shower. And, not being "into" normal baby showers, she wanted to have a party. So my invite came saying dress up 80's.
Well, if someone tells "this girl" to dress up.....Dress Up I DO!
It was so fun to reminisce about 80's fashions, and all the "whoops". I mean come-on.....the 80's put out some of the most awesome songs/music.....but fashion???
What a M.E.S.S!!!
Pegged pants and athletic sock with pumps? Come on!
So naturally, it was a riot to get dressed up and "peg" (haha) the perfect outfit for this baby party.
Here is a breakdown of my outfit....which BTW, I WON for!!
I also won for the most right answers on the "guess that song and artist game"!!!

 And, Yes, I DO know what I'm talking about.

This little picture is me, in 8th grade. 
It has brought so much "joy" and
great conversation into the lives of my
family (Eden and Scott particularly!),
 that I thought it would be selfish of
me to further hide it away. 
I mean, come-on!

I'm pretty proud to say that yes, indeed
I perfected the 80's hair. 

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Christmas Time!

We had a fun Christmas party at the Smiths
before we left for Utah....

Belle and Santa (who is really Kevin, and such a good sport!)
This year Belle asked for kitchen toys and makeup (yeah right!) and a Nintedo DS.

Zach being a good sport and sitting on Santa's knee for a picture.
He asked for Legos, DS game and a Nerf Axe.

**Brady wasn't with us this night because his best friend Rileigh invited him to a movie. I let him go because she was moving to Missouri the following week.

He pretty much asked for the same stuff as Zach for Christmas. (nice and easy!)

We've been good this year too! :)


We had such a good time being with my family and friends in Utah. It was so great to see them all! Although, I do have to say I will pass on the snow. I do not like it one little bit. Not a smidgen! It was so cold and on one of the days it was 7 degrees!!! Who likes that? If you do, you are crazy! I would much rather live in the heat....yes, even if it mean 115 degrees in the summer. :)

OK, this was too funny. My sister bought 'Just Dance 2' for the wii and we convinced our hubbies to play it. I am surprised that #1, they agreed; #2 that they lasted the WHOLE song; and #3 that they kept dancing when I brought out the camera and started taking pictures of them. (Secretly, I think they "looked good"! hahaha)


Christmas this year ended up being in the spare bedroom of my brother's house, where we stayed and Josh and I slept. And where the only Christmas tree was in the house. (see the 18 inch tree in the background?) See, my brother Kerry doesn't celebrate Christmas with all the materialism that unfortunately takes over the true meaning for a lot of people. He doesn't decorate, doesn't buy gifts and doesn't want anyone to buy gifts for him. Which I get. Kind of extreme....(I can say that because I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog or any others) but I understand why. I do believe that you can keep a balance and by doing so have a wonderful and memorable time.

Here are the kids so excited and opening their gifts.

Belle in her kitchen attire!
Santa "delivered!"

The boys playing their 'paper jam' guitars and Josh with his 'paper jam' drums.
Maybe we should start a band in the garage?!

Oh my heck....what is this?????

Yes, we suckered in and got a dog!
(What the heck were we thinking??? hahaha)

Actually, I don't have any regrets...yet. She is such a cute puppy and so much fun to have around. The kids love playing with her and are so good to make sure she is fed and clean up the poop!


Yup! That's her name.
And no....not after 'Jersey Shore'
(I promise I have NEVER even seen that show!)


My sweet friend Andrea (on the right) took me and my other sweet friend Doorly (left)
out to dinner for an early Christmas present. It was so nice to get out and have a girls night. No kids, no husband, no cleaning or soccer practice. Good food and friends....thanks Andrea :)

These women are both so amazing and I'm so thankful
they are both here in Yuma.

We all got together for dinner and family night.

The Butlers

The Smiths and the Winegars


I'm a bit jealous of Doorly because she still gets to dress up like she's going to prom. Here she is with Kevin going to the Navy Ball. Isn't she a beauty? He's not so bad himself. :)


Belle learned how to ride her bike in about 5 minutes.
She was so determined and she knew she was ready.
She had to beg us to take off the training wheels.

Look at her awesomeness!
I love this girl.

(And I love the fact that YES, we can ride bikes in November! (and Dec, Jan, Feb...etc!!)


Crazy Hair day at School....
I love that my boys like to participate in
stuff like this and aren't too embarrassed or "too good". They are so fun.


Happy Halloween 2010!

I always say, every year, that I'm not dressing up for Halloween. And every year I dress up. I just can't resist. I love "transforming" into something else for the night. And this year was so much fun.

I actually dressed up 3 different times. (same costume) And I won a prize at our ward's Halloween party. It was so funny to see the reaction of everyone when they actually looked me in the eyes and realized they were "crazy eyes"! hahaha Even Josh with his $5 mask from Walmartz looked a tad bit scary. The kids all picked out their own costumes, even with me trying to sway them otherwise. :)

We had so much fun and of course, scored lots of candy!!

Belle's 1st day of Preschool

Finally! We had Belle on a waiting list for a preschool and she wasn't moving up the list fast enough. I finally enrolled her with a sweet girl in the ward that does preschool out of her home a few days a week. It has been so good for Belle to get out the house....(and out of my hair!) She IS the oldest in her class....and one of the more "mature" ones, but she hasn't seemed to notice. She loves all her little friends so much. And I love the few hours I get twice a week that I'm not tripping over her or having her right on my heels as I get things done around the house. :)


Boys will be Boys......"sigh"

I've found a few of these signs up on the boys' bedroom door. I've taken them down and then find a new one up again later. Belle can't read it, so I'm not worried about sparing her feelings yet. (and she does what she wants anyway!!) And I guess it's just the boys being boys. I'm not going to worry about it. It guess it's kind of cute.....for now.

Mr. Smarty-Pants

Brady-holding up his honor roll certificate.

He and his brother are doing so well in school.
The difference is that Brady actually enjoys it. He got an
award for making the honor roll and got to take his dad
to a breakfast where they honored all the students and ate cinnamon rolls.
I'm so proud of him, but really can't take any credit. He completely
takes after his smarty-pants dad in this area.

I will take credit for his amazing good looks. :)


Double Digits!

Where the heck did the time go....I'm feeling so very old.
And so very blessed to have such an amazing kid as my son.

Happy 10th Birthday Schmack!

I was able to go to Virginia and visit my sister Kate and her family....all alone. ;)

Isn't my sis so beautiful?
I think so...

Her kiddos are pretty cute too.
I was lucky enough to leave mine at home.

We went to Gettysburg and toured the town, the historic sites and even took a ghost tour.
This is me and Maddy (who was obsessed with wearing these uncool/cool glasses the whole time...what a goofball!) following the crowd....trying to spot a ghost.

This was our Ghost Tour guide....she was a hoot. And made a killing on all us suckers, who paid her to show us all the spooky places and ghosts.
However....if you look in the middle top square pane in the window....there really is a face.
It's kinda creepy!!

Kate and her family. Me and some "weird duck" who dresses like a soldier just for fun. Like his earing? lol!

My sister swore she would find me a frog and she delivered.
What a cute little frog....I was so excited!
Love this picture.

We went to the Smithsonian and spent the day looking around.

Kate....my poser sister.....posing of course.

I'm not a poser like my sister...
just trying it out here, with her "instruction" of course.

Thanks for a great time Kate!!


In August, Josh's niece Kamber got married.
It was so fun to be a part of the festivities and be
with them on their special day...especially in the temple.
Belle was asked to be one of the flower girls and of course she was
SO excited. She stuck by Kamber's side as much as she could during
the reception....it was pretty cute.

The beautiful bride and the groom.

Dancing with daddy.

She's got her momma's moves!!

Most of the Butler Clan

And this is what he thought of it all.....such a boy.


The big 4th grader. .... What a fake smile. He did not want school to start. :)

The big 3rd grader...with a genuine "I'm so excited for school to start smile"....even though it also looks fake. hahaha. I guess I've told my boys to "smile" way too many times.

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