“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley



Just got back from a visit to Utah. I drove the 11 hours there, all by myself with 3 kids and a trailer. Didn't think I could do it...I'm "stonger" than I thought. We got there safe and sound. (Actually, the van sufferend a small hole in the bumper from me trying to back the trailer up, but she's going to be o.k.....:)

So I wasn't very good at taking pictures....but here's what I got.

I had such a great time visiting with my friends. These girls mean so much to me. (Holly, you were missed at dinner!!) It was like I had never moved. We just picked up where we left off. These girls are definately "lifers".

And of course the kids had so much fun visiting their friends. This is our cute neighbor Bella. They were friends with her the day she moved in..... She is such a sweet girl and took to the boys like glue....I'm hoping that we will stay in touch with them, cause I wouldn't mind if she hooked up with one of the boys. Of course, when they are much older. :)

And of course, we saw our sweet, and fiesty neice Gracie. We are excited because Gracie is going to visit us here in Arizona and stay a few weeks. Hopefully she can endure the heat!

We also celebrated Brady's birthday. He is 8 and I can't believe it. He will be getting baptized at the end of June, and he is so excited. I am so grateful for this kid. He makes my life easier. He's my "easy" child....:)....quiet and thoughtful. Listens well and is such the peacemaker. He'll still snuggle with his mom and LOVES to have his back tickled. He is so handsome and friends with ALL the girls...I know he's going to break some hearts. Happy Birthday Brady. I love you!


Hope said...

It was such a fun surprise to see you and your kids back in your old yard! You look wonderful and it made my day to have a bit of the Butlers for a few minutes!

Glad you had fun and it was safe! And I'm still very impressed you not only drove all that way by YOURSELF but with hauling a trailer behind you, too!

The McEnaney's said...

It is bitter sweet coming back, huh? I love going home, but leaving gets harder and harder!

Kami said...

We didn't know you were in town! Cute pictures. Your boys usually have such short hair--they look different to me!
Carson has a matching sailboat T-shirt from Target.
Hope you're enjoying your summer! :)

Diamond in the Rough said...


So glad you had a fun stay in Utah. It's nice to have friends that are lifers. You are the cutest ever and I love reading your blog. Enjoy your summer :)