“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley


The Fair

Over Spring break the Yuma Fair was going on.
The kids had a great time of course.
Me, I would have rather gone to Disneyland. :)
For what we paid, we almost could have!
What a rip-off!

I have to laugh, because before we went, Josh stopped
off at the ATM. I asked him when he got in the car
how much he got. $40. I DID laugh. He got back out and got
another $20. I rolled my eyes, but didn't say anything.
(laughed inside instead)
And a $125 later......yep folks. That's what it costs to go
to the fair.
$16 admittance for the 5 of us...not bad.
$43 for 60 ($.75each ticket) tickets to ride the rides. (5 tickets to ride each ride...thats $3.75 for each ride per person. It cost our family $18.75 to ride the freakin ferris wheel and go around 4 times!!!)
$22 for dinner
$8 for drinks
$9 for cotton candy for 3 kids
$15 to win 2 cheap light sabers (one is already broke) and a red stuffed mouse.
I can't exactly say where the other $10ish went...it doesn't even matter. It makes me sick to think about.
Like I said, I would have rather gone to Disneyland.
Next year maye, because we WON'T be going to the world's most expensive, (and ghetto, might I add) fair!!!

The kids enjoying themselves. I guess
that is what matters.


The McEnaney's said...

It has always been that way! My parents usually did take us to Disneyland instead of the fair, but you have to try it once!

Lisa said...

what the? i thought fairs were supposed to be cheap! i guess with 3 kids nothings "cheap". ;)

Lisa said...
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Amy Clausing said...

They look like they are having fun?