“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley


New Jersey

So here are some pictures from my trip to New Jersey.

It was so great to see my Grandma...it was 10 years ago that I saw her last.
She is 94 years old and so cute and "spunky"...and also a little ornery...just like my dad!
We also visited with other relatives, some of whom I've never met, and the rest it's been at least 20 years since I've seen!
Me & my sisters w/ Gran...... My Dad, Uncle Bill,
Aunt Joan and their mom.

Iris, Randi, Amanda & Mike (my cousin).....My Cousin Jeff (who reminds me of the guy
from the Dukes of Hazard!)

While we were there, we went to Philidelphia a few times. (Scariest drivers in America!!!) My dad loved showing us around his old "stompin' grounds", and it was neat to hear all his stories from when he was a kid/teen. (He was a trouble-maker!!)
We toured the Betsy Ross House....it felt so patriotic.

We went to Reddington Terminal...an old train terminal that has almost 100 different vendors/shops. We had a Yummy Philly cheesesteak from Rick's Steaks and did some shopping. It was great fun.

The "Rocky Steps"... the steps
Rocky runs up in his movies

We went to the Ben Franklin Institute and saw the "REAL PIRATES" exhibit. So if you don't believe in Pirates, just talk to me....they were real. I even saw a REAL Pirate Treasure AND touched real Pirate coins. It was pretty cool. I did get a little choked up though...knowing I was there without my two pirate-loving sons. They wouldn't even allow cameras in, so I couldn't take any pictures for them! O-well.
Also in Phily, we toured the Eastern State Penitentiary. That was our most favorite place of all. It is the oldest historic prison in the country, and people say it is haunted. It was amazing....in a very creepy way. And to top it off, we went to the Penitentiary at NIGHT for the Haunted "Prison" they have. It is ranked the 6th scaries haunted house in America, so we HAD to go. Were we scared? Yes. Did we almost not go? Yes. But we invited our cousin Jeff to take us, (THANKS JEFF!!!) and since he was planning on going with 5 scaredy-cat girls, we couldn't really bail on him AFTER we invited him. So we went. And was it scary? No! It was the dumbest haunted house I've ever been to! I was so bugged!! $30 too! So I'm guessing the top 5 haunted houses must be in Utah....?

Here we are at the Boardwalk in Atlantic City.
We gambled $20 and won $26!! Big Gambers!! :)
We also ate at the Buffett in the Wild Wild West Casino.
Yuck. (Sorry Dad)
I don't know what it is about Buffett's and older people....but my Dad and Unlce were seriously in HEAVEN...and me, yeah...pretty much hell. Ask me about my "baked potato meltdown"....you'll see why!

We also went to Lancaster (Amish Country) and hung out for the day. It was the most beautiful "country" I've ever seen and if I could move there, I would in a heartbeat! I LOVED all the old houses and farms and how GREEN everything was. I especially loved how straight the crops were...I know....a little fettish of mine.

On the way home, my dad swung us by "Rita's" for the best Italian Ice. I got
a mix of Mango Italian Ice and Vanilla Custard.....YUM!!!
Hopefully "Rita's" will come to Utah someday.... my thighs really like it!!

All in all, it was a pretty good little trip. It was awesome hanging out with my sisters and parents and getting some quality time in with each other.

So thanks to my "New Jersey" family!!! I love you guys and hope to see you all soon!!! (We hope you can come out in the summer Amanda!!)

Me, Aunt Joan & Uncle Ted.
Love you guys!


Allred party of five said...

Meg you and your sisters are so cute. Im glad you had a good time:)

jeremyandholly said...

man you're cute! i'm glad you're my friend:) and i'm pretty sure i'm ready for some rita's!!!! YUM!!

Julianna said...

What a fun trip!!!

Brett and Colene said...

Hey Megan,
Thanks for the comment...we really enjoy looking at your blog too! Your family is beautiful! Hopefully we can make it to Utah sometime soon so we can all get together! Brett was trying to remember the last time he's seen you guys, and he couldn't recall. He would definteley love to get his hands on your backs though:) Love, Colene

Amy Clausing said...

we really did have a good time, I think we need to approach the Philadelphians and educate then on what state has CORN? you'll have to explain that one. I agree on the buffet yuck lunch. for $20.00 you could eat cold, leftover (i can't even describe the yuck) food. Just thinking about how disgusting it was, makes me want to blow chunks even now. (sorry) Sorry Dad, we should have stopped at wal-mart and ate pbj's! anyway, since i had to cut my trip short, we'll have
to go on another! love you

The Bennetts said...

What a fun trip! We used to live back east, in Baltimore. Your pics brought back so many memories of all the amazing things to do and see out there. The ward split has brought alot of change in all of our lives. I am grateful for the time I had with you and all the other wonderful women in the ward.

Tiffany said...

I'm jealous of your trip. What a neat thing to do as sisters. Pretty cool Meg. Seeing your roots can be pretty special.