“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley


It's GREAT to be 8!

Zachery turned 8 while I was in New Jersey. His wonderful dad made him a cake for his special day...however, I had the camera with me, so no pictures of that. :( But you get an A+ for effort, Josh!! So yesterday we got together to celebrate his birthday along with his cousin, Gracie's.
The Big 8 Year Old!!

I love you Zach...I'm so proud of you
and glad to be your mom!


Shanna and Brent said...

Yeah!!!! happy, happy birthday Zach!!!! We love you!!

McEnaneyFamily said...

Yeah for Zach! Let me know when his baptism will be we would love to be there if we can.

The Parks Fam said...

Happy be-lated birthday Zach!! Meg, the picture of you and Zach together is DARLING. You are such a hot mama! Love ya!

Allred party of five said...

Happy Birthday Zach! Josh your awesome! Are you having a friend party. Julie

Allred party of five said...

By the way meg your hair looks really good, it always looks good though!

Thezacherbunch said...

Hey megan tell zach we re proud of him and we wanted to tell you tht we have a blog now its thezacherbunch.blogspot.com LOve clark jana and kids