“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley


Outsmarting those crooks!

I think it's funny (not hahaha) how 'the people' who make
Valentine "kits" for kids to take to school, only put
20-24 cards in each box. Really? I have never
been able to buy just 1 box for 1 classroom. Usually,
the classroom has 25-28 kids....and that's if the
school isn't "packed". (Zach has 33!!)

So this year I became a rebel. I made my own.
And it was easy-peasy! I bought these oversized
smarties, printed labels for the boys (saved me the
time of them having to write their name on EVERY one)
and stuck em' on. Brady didn't even want to write
his classmates names, so I typed all the names on his.
Zachery now only has to write his friends names on his
before I stick the labels on. No tape, no envelopes,
no 4 boxes of Valentines and 3 bags of candy.

I'm feeling like a genius right about now.
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Hope said...

Your I.Q. must be huge!


I hate how you can never buy the same amount of hot dogs as buns, either!!!

The McEnaney's said...

You are a genius! You are my crafty role model!

Diamond in the Rough said...

Meg, You are amazing. That is such an awesome idea. Do you mind if I borrow your idea for next year?

Tiffany said...

Great idea! You are a genius...always have been, always will be. One of the most creative people I know. I might have good ideas...but YOU totally know how to execute your good ideas. I struggle with that.