“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley

I know. I know! I am such a blog slacker. Which is totally fitting of me. My maiden name is Zacher. For a few of my friends, I was known a slacker Zacher. There you go. That’s my excuse.
My sweet grandpa passed away on April 1. He was such an amazing person and grandpa. He would have been 97 in May. 97! He lived such a full and great life. This past month I have constantly been reminded of the way he lived….not finding joy in “things” but in the ones we love and things we experience together. I know he didn’t come to the end wishing he had decorated his house better or with more expensive furniture. I know he didn’t leave, wishing he had driven a better car or had worn the lasted fashions. I know he didn’t leave regretting that he didn’t buy his kids more toys, more electronics, more “stuff”. I know he was proud that they traveled often, near and far, as a family, and as a couple and made wonderful, wonderful memories together. Memories that will stay with his children and grandchildren forever. I know that he was proud that they worked hard and played hard. I know that he was confident in his testimony of our Savior and up to the very end, only a few hours before he passed peacefully in his sleep, he was bearing his testimony to his family. We will miss our sweet grandpa. A lot. But we are comforted, knowing he is back in the presence of our Father and has been reunited with his life’s love I am so happy that they are together again.
I have a nest. Like my friend Heidi, who has a nest of eggs in a tree in her yard. I have a nest of eggs on my front door in my Valentine wreath (“slacker”). It is so lovely. Except for the few times we have forgotten to warn momma bird that we were opening the door! Poor thing. Luckily, she didn’t loose her panicky, nervous bowels anywhere in my living room. Yet. I’m not sure what we are going to do when those baby birds enter the world. I might have to block my front door completely. I would really hate any of my family or friends to loose and eye or get pecked to death!
That’s about it. Well…..about all that is worth mentioning. Plus, I’m at work. And I’m a good employee. And I don’t work on ‘personal’ things when I’m at work. :0)


Hope said...

I didn't know you had a NEST! What a strange place for a bird to settle down...you've got to get a picture of this!

Anonymous said...

Meggie, I love you and I miss you TONS! It makes me sad that I can't come and see your bird, or you and your family for that matter. -Kate

Diamond in the Rough said...

How fun to have a nest on your front door. How's work going? I love nature as long as it stays out doors :), not a big fan of it creeping (or flying) into the house :)!!

The Parks Fam said...

Love the little nest in the wreath, and the cute sign to go along with it. ;) To funny. I wonder how that even happened? Crazy! Thanks again for the FUN night!!! We had a blast hanging out with you guys. We definitely have to make this a once of month thing. Love you guys!

jakenapril said...

Let's hear it for the blog slackers! Yay, us!
And 97, seriously? Wow! That is amazing. I'm glad you'll have such fond memories of him to keep forever.
Birds at your front door...and not the wooden kind, huh? You might have to say goodbye to that Valentine wreath...you know, like in a nearby open space or something.
Thanks for the update...slacker--ha ha ha