“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley

So I feel like I'm always updating. Probably cause I am. But I am going to do so much better! (lol)
Here is some exciting news!... Josh has a Job! Yeah! (Thank you so much Casey and Lauren....we seriously LOVE you guys) He now works at California Packaging as a rep....which is "new territory" for him. But he is doing great and enjoying it so far. And if anyone needs any kind of packaging material....or knows of anyone else who could use it....well, now you know who to call!!
Other than that...there is no SUPER exciting stuff going on. I just got finished with my big scrapbooking order for my client. I've been "holed up" in my office for about 2 weeks working on her son's scrapbooks (I ended up finishing THREE!!) that she is giving to him for his graduation. I am so proud of myself for finishing 3! Now I know I have no excuse for not getting a BIG CHUNK of my own scrapbooking done this summer!! (if anyone would like to join me, I am usually up til the wee hours of the morning scrappin' away!)
The boys are doing so good in baseball. Tomorrow is their last game. And while their team didn't "win" many games, they both improved so much this year. Of course for "mom", its always fun to just go and watch and see how "cute" they are in their uniforms.

Brady just turned 7 and has had so much fun riding his new bike. He finally decided he wasn't scared to learn to ride it and took about 5 minutes to learn. Now he is waking me up early every morning (EARLY!!), asking me if he can go outside. Gotta love early risers!

Zach is getting so big so fast and I'm realizing, with much sorrow, that he is not my little boy anymore. (sob, sob) He hasn't really "changed".... but he has. Just in the way he talks, and the things he knows.....the things he finds "important" and "cool" now... he's growing up. One thing I am so grateful for though, is the person he is becoming. He is such a sweet, loving boy. He is so tender-hearted with his sister (most the time) and with his younger neighbors. He acts like a big brother to them all....always ready to give them a hug and play with them. It is so sweet. He's like that with me too. He never leaves the room without giving me a big squeeze. I love it.

As for the youngest, well....she is "fun". I don't really know how to summarize her just yet. Some days it's good, some days, well, not so much. But she is a lot of fun and I've enjoyed listening to her growing vocabulary. (some good, some bad - thanks dad!) She has also started into the "play house, or store" phase where they have such a big imagination. She takes me to the store and buys me whatever I want, everyday! (I think she is hinting to me) Her BIG thing right now is seeing the Bountiful Temple EVERY time we are in the car. Except it is her "castle". If she can't see it from wherever we are driving, she instructs us to "turn right, right here!" so the car will face a different direction and she'll be able to see it. It is actually pretty cute. Today I had her in Salt Lake and she could not stop talking about the capitol building. I think this week, we are going to have to visit Temple Square....I think that just might win her over. :)

Conclusion: Kids are great...I love em' lots! Husband has a job....Hooray! (and I love him lots too!) Life is good! :)


Hope said...

I have to agree with you about Zach...he's always very kind and fun with the younger kids in the neighborhood. Thanks for having cute kids!

ARRON N' L!SA said...

hooray, your back, but i think you forgot to post about zumba, maybe we need to take pictures next time.HAHA

Shanna and Brent said...

i love the new background... thanks for finally updating ha ha ha!!!

jeremyandholly said...

oohhh! i agree with shanna...i love the little birdies:) and you DO have some of the sweetest boys ever. we are beyond happy for josh. HOORRAAAYY!!!!

The Parks Fam said...

Ummmmm I WANT this background! Too bad you already have it. You need to make my blog cute again for me! By the way thank you again SOOOO much for hanging my frames in my house for me!! I still feel bad I sat there and watched you and didn't do a thing to help. But seriously you are the best!! and THANK YOU for an update! I love reading your blog. Love ya!

Diamond in the Rough said...

I love reading your blog Meg. Hurray for Josh and congrats. Your kids are so super cute.