“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley

So, things are about the same here at home. They actually got a lot worse since my last post. I took Brady and Belle back to the doctor on Friday because they were both so miserable. Brady tested positive for infuenza (flu) and also a double ear infection. And Belle tested positive for another urinary tract infection, although, because it is so close to the last one, I don't think it really ever went away. And now, I'm pretty sure Belle has the flu like the rest of us. She is showing all the symptoms. How miserble. BUT, I'm not complaining. I figure it is better that we are all sick all at once than to drag this out any further. So we will deal with it and hopefully we will ALL feel a lot better in the next few days.
How sad would it be if we couldn't enjoy all the Easter candy this weekend?!?
So my sweet son, knowing all too well how Brady was feeling, wrote this adorable little note (all by his-self) to his brother on Friday night. It is something I will save and cherish forever.
Here is what it says for those of you who
can't read "7 year old"
"Dear Brady
I hope you get bedr (better)
I love you and you or (are) the bestest
brathr (brother) I evr (ever) had. "

Aren't kids the best? Thanks Zach for helping mommy smile and feel so blessed after such a LONG week.


Julianna said...

You poor thing!!!!! I'm so sorry you are all still sick!!! That is the cutest letter I've ever seen. :)

Andy and Kimi said...

I am so sorry Meg- I hate sick kids!! I do love that note, so cute! I hope my boys grow up to be as good of friends as yours are.

Shanna & Brent said...

oh so sweet it makes my heart melt... kind of what I needed after my day so thanks Zach!!! give him a big kiss from me!!! love you

Steve-Krista-Collin-Sydney said...

Oh Meg- I'm so sorry!!!! I hope you all get better soon. That is the cutest note ever. Zach's a good brother! As far as Havasupi- it's in Arizona by the Grand Canyon. Steve's been there before and says it's like a piece of Hawaii in the desert. Please come- we would have a blast!!!!! Love ya!!!

The Shepherds said...

This is so sweet! I know it's been a long 24 hours since we've talked:) but hope every one is feeling better. I know Josh just went back to work today, so if you need any help you know where I am!
Love ya!

Kev, Meg and Ty said...

It's a bummer you guys are all sick. I hope you get feeling better soon, but in the meantime, no ofense but we will be staying away. Cross our fingers none of us haven't gotten anything to horrible this winter. On a side note, the sweet note from Zach, is the cutest thing ever. It makes it all worth it when kids do things like that.

Steve-Krista-Collin-Sydney said...

Hey Meg- hope things are a little better today. We are taking our kids with us to Havasupi. Sydney will be on either Steve's or my back. (hopefully Steve's!) I think your kids could do it- we are just going to take our time- plus Collin will be walking too. I really do wish we lived by you guys. It's always easier to get into shape with someone else. Steve hates to workout (I mean he really really really hates it) so I don't have anyone! I know- we can at least keep tabs on each other over the internet. I don't know if that would work but we could try it. If Josh needs any convincing about coming- have him talk to Steve- he is good at sweet talking people into doing stuff. Love ya!!

The Parks Fam said...

Ohhh what a sweet boy Zach is! So sorry about all the sickness, I totally know how you feel right now. Dax tested positive for Strep throat today. YAY! (NOT) Love ya Meg. Hope your appt went well today.

jeremyandholly said...

oh wow. that note was CUUUUTE. wow. good kids come from amazing parents. love you megan!

Anonymous said...

Just always remember the notes wirtten by your children, is a reflection they get from their parents. We are here to give you a break anytime. Just call. Colton and Auston Love to sit for you!!! We Love you and hope you all feel better soon. A