“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley


au revoir

To my sweet friend,
For years now you have comforted me in times of struggle;
When things in life began to weigh on me, I could count on
you to lift my spirits and my mood.
If I needed a smile and a utopia high,

your bubbly personality was infectious.
Never did you discriminate or fail to prove your worth.
Yet, my great friend; you’ve been somewhat deceptive.
I never noticed before because your sweetness blinded me from the truth;
But, I’ve noticed that my dependency on you has become extreme.
There are days where the simplest of tasks I am unable to do
until I intoxicate myself with your appeal.
Not to mention the added inches you’ve added to my hips, butt and thighs.
Alas, it is time I bid you farewell. It was good while it lasted;
But, my addiction for you will be no more.

I am freeing myself of this bondage and the all-consuming enslavement.
I thank you for what once was, but not for what now is;
And I look to the future with hope of being able to live
Good bye my dear, Dr. Pepper.


Shanna & Brent said...

sniff, sniff... I will miss all those good times. although not a "true" friend, what laughs we had when our friend was around. good times.

Meg'n'Josh said...

Does this mean you are giving it up as well Shan? You know this goes for all carbonated drinks...right?

Just so you know...for anyone that reads this, my awesome husband wrote my "goodbye". He has such a way with words. Among other things ;o)

The Parks Fam said...

I was just thinking to myself that I have to start weening myself from Diet Coke, Its taken over my life!!! J/k...but really, I am starting to cut way back on the caffeine/carbonation, so we can do it together!! Love ya Meg!

Steve-Krista-Collin-Sydney said...

I also have a DP addiction that I am trying to overcome. How did Josh know I felt that way too- He is amazing! Love you guys!!!

Julianna said...

I gave up that sweet nector in 1997 - my life has never been the same. It's a rare occasion that I drink soda, but it's so yummy when I do!

Good luck. Call me if you need counseling.

jeremyandholly said...

man...you are hilarious!! i love you:) good luck.