“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley


our 1st blog

So, this is our first blog. Didn't ever think we'd be "bloggers!"

Guess we now update you on the happenings of our family...

We are doing great! Zachery (6, almost 7) and Brady (5) are keeping us busy so far this summer. (Busy meaning: more baths, more laundry, more trips to the store for Popsicles...) They really enjoy not having to get up and go to school and just go out back to play with the neighbor kids their ages. We just got grass in the backyard and they can't wait (neither can we!) until they can go run around on it and get their swing set set up. We've been trying to keep them busy with a sports program and an arts & crafts class up at our city park 3 days a week. They love doing that, and Megan gets in a little exercise walking the track until they are done. As for the youngest, Belle is doing wonderful. Sadly, we've realized she is no longer our baby girl, as she is walking everywhere, gabbing endlessly (no words yet) and is extremely determined in the things she wants and doesn't want. She can throw a pretty good tantrum for her age (16 mo), but can melt our hearts instantly with her big blue eyes and silly grins.As for Joshn'Meg...we're doing well. Josh is at his same position at Kennecott and going to school. He's pretty amazing at everything he does and the little sleep he lives on. He's hoping to get away a couple times this summer to take the boys camping...(still trying to convince the girls!) As for Megan, she is still scrapbooking for a few clients and has a club night at home once a month for a group of crazy scrapbookers. :0)

We're doing good!


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