“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley



She turned 4. She is growing up so dang fast, I physically feel my heart ache for the power to make time slow down.
I love this little girl. Our days are spent together, keeping each other company. She's my little side-kick.
She makes me smile and laugh. She is amazing.

A few funnies:

-"thats awright mom...it was a assident" (after she's spilled or made a mess of something)
-"that is so imprested" (impressive). She even uses it in the right context.
-"your bum is jiggly mom! (well, maybe not so funny)
-"you are my best mom!" (how many does she have???)

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The McEnaney's said...

We miss you guys so much! Happy Birthday, Belle! You are such a cutie!

Hope said...

I love the cake! Did you make it?
I must confess if you did I will hate you just a little bit...

Megs said...

Hope, don't hate me, but yes, I made the cake. It was so easy though! If you'd like, I'll tell you how. The look on Belle's face was priceless when we brought it out.

Lisa said...

oooooo i miss that little girl. and you too i guess! ;)

The Parks Fam said...

That cake is AMAZING Megan! I wish I had half your talent! and Belle is as cute as ever. Happy birthday to her! Hope you and your family are doing fabulous down in AZ and enjoying the warm temps!

The Parks Fam said...
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heidi and tom said...

4 has been my favorite year with my little girl. Enjoy it :) I know you will.

Brett and Colene said...

Ahhh Belle is so cute! Happy Birthday to her:) And wow that cake is so cool. Her funnies cracked me up- I love the things children come up with.

Shanna and Brent said...

i love that girl....tate asked me the other day where she was and then proceeded to go through the rest of your family asking where you all were...can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks yay!!!!!!!!

Amy Clausing said...

Happy Birthday sister Belle, I hope you liked the goodie box I sent. and Share the jungle bubbles with your brothers.

Meg, I'm sure if Belle saw me now she would say my body is jiggly!! I haven't been able to do anything since my 1st back surgery so the 11 pounds I have gained, went south!! and you are the best Mom!