“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley



So the last month has been a little....well, lets just say we've been a little pre-occupied with things other than our blog. But, because I haven't written in my journal, the kid's journals or in anything else, I figure it would just be easiest to update it all here....

At the end of January, my little sister, Kate, and her family moved to Virginia. Yeah...kind of far away. We had a little get-together before they went.... (Miss you Kate.....Alot!)
........My family......... Some of the cousins
Me and Katie-bugg
Next it was Josh's Birthday. The best part of his birthday was
the cards that Zach and Brady made for their dad. I was so proud of them....
they made them ALL on their own.
Zach: "Dear Dad
Happy 32 Birthday!!!
I hope you make a wi-
sh and I hope it com-
es true. I really love you!!!
You are the best d-
ad a child could ev-
er have. Love z-
ach" (exactly how he wrote it)
(sniffle, sniffle)
Brady: "Dear Dad Happy
birthday you
are the best dad
in the whole world
love brady"
Kids are precious......
Next it was Valentines...

We woke up to Valentine's gifts and ate pink heart pancakes.
Then, while still in our pj's, we made yummy sugar cookies.
It was a fun day that we spent just being together and having fun.
AND eating the best sugar cookies ever, of course.

And last but not least, it was my sweet Belle's birthday. Oh, how I love this girl. And as much as I might complain that she is so spoiled (by her dad, of course), I wouldn't change a thing about her. She completes our little family and is such a joy to have around.

Happy Birthday beautiful girl.


Diamond in the Rough said...

Such fun pictures. Kids grow too fast but do the cutest things. I love the pink heart pancakes.

The Parks Fam said...

THose cute letters to Daddy were PRICELESS!! I bet Josh loved those! Happy 3rd Birthday Belle! She is such a little princess...SO CUTE! Love you guys!

Shanna and Brent said...

happy birthday belle!!! for my next birthday, i want to have a princess party too!!!!