“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley


Money Tree

My boys got a magazine in the mail the other day.
A magazine full of Transformer costumes, Star Wars costumes...all the kinds
of costumes a little boy would salivate over, complete with accessories
head to toe. They also had motorized cars, tractors and 4 wheelers
that my boys are now dreaming about owning and riding across the
front lawn in.

And all I've heard for the last 48 hours is request after request
to buy something out of that dang magazine.
I would rather be in the checkout aisle at the grocery store with my three children
and all the "temptations"....all the "can I have this, can I have this, what
about this" as I'm checking out and silently wishing the check-out lady
would hurry up a little faster and "I don't care how you arrange all my stuff in the
bag...just throw it all in, pack it in tight (the less bags the better!!),
so I can get the hell out of here!".....
then have this magazine in my home.

Throw it away, you might say? Too late! It's pretty much engrained in
my child's head. He doesn't need to look at it anymore....he's memorized what he wants.
My sweet Brady has turned greedy as he's thumbed through this
magazine,which now looks like it's been ran over by a car a few dozen times.
(I'm tempted to do this myself!)

ONE of our conversations yesterday...
Brady: "mom, can I talk to you about something?"
Me: "is it about the magazine?"
Brady: "I just want to show you"
Me: "I told you I don't want to talk to you about that magazine anymore"
Brady: "mom, I just want to show you something"
Me: "Fine, show me...."
Brady: (magazine in hand) "what do you like better, the Yellow Clone Wars Clone Trooper (which by the way is $59.95 not including the gun which is an additional $12.95), or the Ninja Warrior? ($49.95). I think I want the Clone Trooper for Halloween and the Ninja for my Birthday (in May) and then I want the rideable tractor for Christmas (a mere $219.95).

Hmmmm. Keep in mind I have had this conversation about 4 times, prior to this one.

Me: "Brady, I need you to listen to me. I think the stuff in this magazine is really cool.
And I really want to be able to give you the things that you want in it. BUT, mommy doesn't have any money right now for these kinds of things. OK? So I want you put the magazine away, and I don't want to talk about it anymore."
Brady: "well, where can you get some money?"
Me: "where do you think I can get some money?"
Brady: "maybe at the park?"
Me: "what park? where would they have money at a park?"
Brady: "I dunno. Well, I didn't really mean to say that. I think you can
go get some money at the store.....:)
Me: "Brady, listen to mom. When you go to the store, YOU have to pay THEM money
to get the things you need. And the only way to get money is to work really hard for it.
Mommy doesn't have a job. So mommy doesn't get money from anyone. Daddy has a job.
And because he goes to work and does things for them, they pay him money. Then he takes his money and puts it in the bank where he keeps "ALL" his money :) Then he pays for things with his money like: this house, and our food and our clothes and cars....that is how it works. Do you understand?"
Brady: "Yes, I'm going to go ask dad if he can buy me a Clone Trooper".

You do that child. Go bug your dad for a while.
I'm tired. ;)

(here's Brady looking
at THE magazine)


Daddy said...

My dear little Brady Boy! I'm sorry you're tired Love :) I'm trying to get "all" that money so the desperately desired costumes can be obtained :)

The Parks Fam said...

Man, I wish I was a kid again. Money was never ever an issue. I think they really think it grows on trees! Wouldn't that be nice! and wouldn't it be nice if we could buy our kids ANYTHING they wanted?? Oh well! I have been thinking about ya, Hope you are having a good day! Love you Meg!

Allred party of five said...

This sounds very familiar!!!! love ya

Lindsey said...

CUTE blog! Love the family pics! I had no idea Ryan Shupe was coming. PLEASE let me know when!!

Hope said...

That is HIL-arious! Seriously. And the only reason I have a right to laugh so hard about it is because we go through the same thing here. At one point it got so bad I went to the library and checked out the Berenstain's Bears book about being greedy and wanting everything. Sometimes it helps now to quote the book and tell them "sounds like someone's got a bad case of the GIMMIES". On the other hand, though, sometimes that doesn't work and I just continue to pull my hair out. At least now the kids bug me enough that I'm well-practiced in hair-pulling and have mastered only pulling out the gray ones.

Amy Clausing said...

Too funny Meg!! I can picture you and Brady talking. While I read I am laughing so hard, picturing Josh in the background egging him on! Just remember, What they want when they are children (young) never stops it only gets worse when they are older!! Colton now has more than $6000.00 in movies and games. Sick huh. Honestly, he has more than 300 movies, including Smallville, SEINFEILD, CHARMED, HOUSE, BONES,AND SOME OTHER ONES, XBox, Nintendo, PS2 Game cube and games to go along with it. Break the cycle now! I beg you. Brady............ You are such a cutie! Why do you want to hide your cuteness with a yellow clone war trooper whatever dude? I got it, Be Ken! I love you!

McEnaneyFamily said...

At the expense of your sanity I am laughing hysterically! Sorry!

ARRON N' L!SA said...

so i pee'd my pants all little, cuz i was laughing soooo hard. hahaha, i love that kid.

Steve-Krista-Collin-Sydney said...

Holly cow!! That is freakin hilarious!!!! Steve and I are laughing so hard right now- it's kinda hard to type. We have had similar conversations with Collin. Priceless!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Meggie-poo! Yes...I actually read your blog. I don't know why I ever stop. Your family is hilarious. Maybe you should tell Brady that he needs to save up his own money to buy this costume. That way, in about a week or two, he'll decide he really doesn't want it that bad. That's what happens to my kids. Love you guys!