“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley

So the saddest thing happened to me. I still haven't recovered.
Josh and I decided we needed a new computer. Actually, at the time, it was
more of a "want". Ours was running just fine. Or so we thought. We
took our computer down to PC Laptops and Josh ordered his
costom PC. They said when it was done, they would transfer all our of
hard drive files over to the new hard drive.
We got the call to come pick up the new one, and while Josh was
on the phone saying "uh-huh....really.....oh....I see....ok....bye"
my stomach dropped, knowing what I dreaded the most, just happened.
Our hard drive froze. It was on it's last leg. We would have been buying a
new computer days later out of "need" if we had waited.
And the horrifying news: my pictures (and other files). Gone. Stuck somewhere
on the little piece of metal, within more metal, and wires, and gizmos, and all sorts of "geeky" stuff. I know, I know....why didn't I save it to a disk, or external, or something?
Well guess what???
I DID!!! And the sickest thing...my external hard drive didn't do it's job (or I just did a horrible, ridiculous job of saving my files to it! ...probably the later) So I'm screwed. Well, almost. My dear sweet husband said he would pay whatever it takes to find someone to recover my hard drive. So please, cross your fingers and all of your other body parts for me! And
remember, don't be a dummy like me!!!
(Thank goodness I have alot of them uploaded to Costco. Hurray for Costco!!!)
In other news...my sweet Grandpa turned 96 a few weeks ago. Boy do I love my grandpa. He is the sweetest man I have ever known. Not once have I ever heard a single negative thing come out of his mouth. He is so loving, and I'm so glad we were able to celebrate this birthday with him!

Mr. Brady also had a birthday...the big 6. He is so funny. We do a friend party every other year, and this year was his family party. But he still wanted to go "all-out". When we went shopping for his cake, he went looking around for party favor sacks, hats, and wanted to know
if we could all dress up. I veto'd some of his requests, but decorated the house with streamers and balloons. And being the sweet boy that he is (and I hope he will always be!), he picked out little presents for his cousins, brother and sister...wrapped them, and gave them a gift after he opened his. It was a fun night!

And not to leave Zach and Belle out of the "update"....I snapped this picture of them
the other day, when Zach was reading a book to Belle. It was such a sweet moment.
Especially because Belle doesn't usually sit around for more than a few minutes!
What a good big brother!


The Parks Fam said...

Oh, I am terrified of that happening to me, my computer is on its last leg. I need to get saving. I miss you Meg, Lets get together asap. Love ya!

Amy Clausing said...

Chalk it up to being such a great Mom. I know the kids can drive you out of your mind crazy but just see the love raidiate from your children, because of YOU!

Happy Birthday Brady! Aunt Amy loves you very much. I hope you saved me a present!

Zach, I am so proud of you taking the time to read to Belle. You are so smart (and very goodlooking. You are an awesome example of what a Big brother should be. I love you very much!

Sweet little Belle........ Never change, you are growing up so fast. You are a beautiful spirit even if you have a bit of "Demon child" in you. I love you.

Aunt Amy

ARRON N' L!SA said...

i love that picture of zach reading to belle, its so cute. sorry about the computer breakdown. i think that is every camera fanaitcs worst fear. :(
love your guts.

Tiffany said...

You have such sweet children Meg. Love the reading picture and how you caught them "in the moment." Tiff

Mills Family said...

Thanks for the tip, I better save my pics and things I need to some disks, because if I lost all of that I would just die, those are so many memories that you could never get back once they are lost you know. Well I wish you all the luck in finding them.
Well I better get started on saving mine now, I have alot to save.
Thats so great that your grandpa is 96 and doing well, he is cute.

Andy and Kimi said...

Kimi just told me about what happened and I if no one else has offered to look at your hard drives I would be glad too- I can't make any promises but I have done my fair share of computer troubleshooting-