“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley

i've been tagged. and i'm sure you don't want to read all about me....again.
but hey, wait a minute! you're on MY blog.
you don't really have a choice, now do ya!

10 years ago...
well, that would january 1998. just a sec...gotta go look in my journal. just kidding.
so i was probably working at wasatch vision clinic. waiting for a missionary. (hmmm, we know how that turned out;o) and hanging out EVERYDAY with one of my bestest friends ever, shanna.
5 things on my to-do list today:
1. take a shower
2. go grocery shopping
3. pay some bills
4. clean whatever i can
5. go to bed EARLY!

heck of a life :o) !!!

if i was suddenly made a billionaire:
seriously? that is a lot of money.

*pay off house ...mine and everyone else i love.
*take all my friends and family on a cruise. actually, i would buy a yacht and some hired
help....and anyone could use it anytime, anywhere.
*go and hand cash out to total strangers. just to see the look on their faces and to know
i created some kind of happiness in someone's life. that would be BIG.
*let my sweet husband invest the rest. have him retire NOW. travel and make
wonderful and priceless memories with him and my kiddos.

three of my bad habits:
-i let my laundry pile up. and i mean PILE up!
- i sleep or want to sleep way too much
- i add too many things to my "to-do" list

5 places i've lived:
-woods cross, utah
-mesa, arizona
-grantsville, utah
-bountiful, utah
-north salt lake, utah

i need to get out of utah!!

5 jobs i've had:
-manager, dj, & skate guard at classic skating in bountiful. you might have been one of the snot nosed little kids that frequented that place and adored me!!!! (seriously the most fun job ever!)
-receptionist @ salon
-OD assisant at optometrist office
-"girlfriend" @ girlfriend's kitchen
a few things you might not know about me:
-i come from a BIG family. i have 4 brothers, 3 sisters, 8 nephews, 7 neices, and 1 great neice. and of course my parents and all the in-laws. it's crazy and sometimes a headache, but i love it.
-i absolutely love rollerskating. i know that sounds so lame....especially coming from someone that is 6 feet freakin tall, but i "almost" feel like i'm flying when i'm rollerskating. i love it.
- i love vintage. i have a small collection of vintage glasses (cateyes) and some cool clothes from my grandma. if i had an extra room in my house, it would be decorated in everything vintage, with different collections of mine in there. that would be awesome.

-i love mail. i recall posting this before and it didn't spark anyone to mail me anything :o), so i'll say it again. i love mail. i love anything that comes in the mail that has my name on it. it makes me feel special. i know it's lame, but i am....pretty lame.

-i am absolutely, entirely in love with a man named josh. he is my angel here on earth. without him, i'd seriously be a complete wreck. i know heavenly father sent him to me to take care of me, to protect me, to make me laugh and to hold me when i cry. he does all of these and many more, better than any other man i might of ended up with. this i know. and i know this is why he's mine. i love him so much.

and...i really love my friends.


The Parks Fam said...

Seriously, that was the best TAG ever! I love reading about some of my most favorite people in the WORLD... And cute pictures of all the girls, You are WAY to photogenic Meg. I LOVE you!

Shanna & Brent said...

seriously... 10 years ago was some of the best times of my life!! driving around in your cute little red honda civic listening to abba turned up REALLY loud and getting (among other things) hot dogs thrown at us.. all of the road trips, SO MUCH FUN!!! I'm glad we're still friends so 10 years from now I can say that I'm STILL hanging out with one of my very bestest friends EVER!!!
love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much!!!
by the way, this comment was pretty corny!!! ;)

jeremyandholly said...

you are one of my favorites!! i love reading little fun tidbits about my friends...and i feel pretty honored to be YOUR friend. thank you for my sweet love note...i loved it!! it made my day;)seriously.
love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Meg. Here's your comment. I am having a brain fart right now and can't think of anything creative to say. I don't want to say something nerdy and break my awesome streak.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Meg, You are the most beautiful little socialite. I love you! Amy

Anonymous said...