“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley



Here it is for those of you who have been asking when I'm going to post about Florida..
Grab some popcorn and a coke~!

Day 1: We went to the Kennedy Space Center. It was so awesome. It must be that I'm a proud American, but it felt so patriotic there, that I kept getting the goose bumps and teary eyed! Plus it was neat to see Josh do something HE wanted to experience. He's always wanted to do something in the aerospace field....I still hope his dream comes true some day!

Day 2: We went to Disney's Magical Kingdom. It was HOT! I guess us "Utahans" weren't used to the sticky air and it took some getting used to. Wait! We didn't get used to it! It was freakin' hot! But we had fun and the kids had a blast. It was a little overwhelming for them with everything there was to do, but they had a great time. Favorite rides? Brady's is "It's a Small World", (poor kid, we found out that his motion sickness is worse than we thought! :o) and Zachery loved Splash Mountain after we tricked him into riding it!

Here's a few of us on Brady's favorite ride.

And at the end of each day we usually ended up at this awesome pool that was at the condo. It had 2 big pirate ships! (Brady was in heaven). We had so much fun playing tag, going down the slides and just running around and cooling off. Yes, I ran around in just my swimsuit....hey, I don't know anyone if Florida!

Day 3: We went to Disney's Animal Kingdom. We went on a little safari and saw some cool animals. The best was the shows we went to though. First we saw a 3D Bugs Life which was very cute. Then we saw the Little Mermaid live show. Very awesome. (Although, this is where I had my big "breakdown" of missing my Belle :o( And after that we saw the Lion King live show. Again...very cool. I was constantly amazed at the creativity people possess. And speaking of creativity, check out the tree (click on it if you can). I could have looked at it for hours cause I'm weird like that. I'm not sure if it's a real tree but it has animals carved all over it. It was amazing. Actually, the whole park was like that...carved or sculpted animals everywhere. Some were hidden in the rocks and trees....it was neat. And of course the kids love animals, so they had a great time at Animal Kingdom!
Of course, we ended the day swimming, cause....did I mention it was HOT!

Day 4: It was hot. We went to Disney MGM. Not a whole lot of rides, but we did get to go on the Tower of Terror!!! Twice! That is my most favorite ride I have ever been on! I won't even try to explain it....just go. So MGM is where they do a lot of stuff with the Disney Movies, and because they don't have a lot of rides we did a lot of movie stuff. We did the 3D Muppet Movie and also a live Bug's Life. It was....whats another word for cute?...We also got to learn how to draw a Disney character and watch a parade. It was just nice being together with the boys (missing Belle of course) and experiencing it all through their excitement.

So check out this art room. I could have stood here for a while. Instead I took a few pictures at different angles so "someday" I might create one like it for myself! Of course we can get rid of all the doo-dads and stuff.....
So by this point my parents are pretty dead and dehydrated. My poor dad got sick from the heat and I ended up selling his and my mom's Sea World Tickets the next day....

(what a good daddy!)
Day 5: Sea World. Hottest day yet. Just plain hot. I can't stress that enough. We were there for about 4 hours when me and my sister started to feel a little "yucky" and the kids were miserable. So what did we do instead? Went swimming back at the condo!
Later that night.....

We were so excited to go to "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!!
This is when you have to buy additional tickets to be in the park and you get to dress up and go trick-or-treating throughout Magical Kingdom. Plus they have dance parties, parades, and fireworks....

What's going on you might ask? This is the family huddled under the cover a building
trying to eat dinner and not get WET!! as it started raining, really freakin' hard, about 30 minutes of being there! Even the ducks wanted out of the rain!

So we took the plunge (literally) and invested (it was quite the inve$tment!!) in some ponchos and did what we could to have some fun. And we did. It was actually kind of funny. All the candy we collected got wet and sticky...we waited for a couple hours to see the parade and fireworks, (But we did!) and we got some really cool ponchos that we might be able to use again some time in the future! This was actually my mom's favorite day. And we are planning on going back next year! ??

All in all we had a really fun time. Especially the kids, which was most important.
But boy were we glad to be home! And we were so excited to have Belle with us again!
It took us a while to feel back to normal though, cause as my neice, Gracie, so well exhibits,
this trip made us all a tad bit



Shanna & Brent said...

so... was it hot??? looks like fun, though. Especially the pic of Josh carrying both boys!!! What a stud. we need to plan a trip together!!!!
love ya!!!

The Parks Fam said...

It looks like you guys had a blast. It kinda makes me in the disney mood now...But it does seem like everytime you go to disneyland/world, you are totally exhausted everyday and more so when you get back home. Its soo worth it though!!! I'm thinkin we need to plan a "VACATION" to recover from your trip.
Love ya Meg!

Kev, Meg and Ty said...

It look like you had sooo much fun! I'm going to make Kev look at all your pics and try to convince him we need to go. But it does get me excited for our trip in December. You guys can still come if you want!
Love, Megs

jeremyandholly said...

there's something about disneyland that is MAGICAL!! really magical. i love that YOU love it ALL as much as i do:)and i love all of your beautiful pictures!! you're great.

The Parks Fam said...

I forgot to add how cute your page is! Mine is soo boring compared to yours! Thanks so much for coming to the party yesterday, and even coming twice!! I just got through telling Casey what a great friend you are, and how supportive you are in coming to stuff like last night and he was saying how we REALLY need to invite the Butlers over to hang out.. Thanks for being soo awesome and a great friend I really appreciate you, and I'm soooo glad were friends. Your the best Megan!! See ya Tues, and I will be there THE WHOLE TIME!! ;)