“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley


Remembering 9/11......

Do you remember where you were,

and what you were doing?

I'll never forget.....

This is dedicated to the many women, men and children, who have innocently lost their lives, because of the people who don't know what it means to LOVE.

This is dedicated to the families who are now living without loved ones, and are reminded daily how fragile life really is. This is dedicated to the many people who saw first hand, this tragic day unfold, and now live with the horror of it each day. This is dedicated to the many men and women who are serving our country and risking their lives to protect us...and to their families who are sacrificing as well. This is dedicated to my husband & children, whom I hope know that I love them with my WHOLE heart. And this is dedicated to those of you who are grateful....who are proud to live in this country. To those of you who have not forgotten all the lives that have been lost. And grateful for the life you are blessed to live and enjoy.....
May we NEVER forget this tragic day.

Author Unknown...
It was late one Tuesday evening, before a mother could sit down,
To tell her only child about the terror that hit downtown.
She looked into the eyes of her son. God, she loved him so,
She felt her heart begin to break and the hurt begin to show.
She gathered all her strength and courage, as her story she began to tell.
"Baby don't cry, but I'm afraid daddy might be under a building that fell.
"The boy looked back at his mother, his eyes made not one blink.
And the mother's tears began to fall. What would her baby think?
You see, his dad is a firefighter, and his hero from the day of his birth.
He loved his dad more than anything else, that could ever inherit this earth.
The mother's head began to drop, her forehead resting on palm.
She thought her son would be upset. Instead, he was very calm
The boy leaned over towards his mom, and put his hand upon her head.
In her ear he began to whisper, and this is what he said:
"Mommy please don't cry, I knew daddy wasn't coming home.
I talked to him just a while ago, but it wasn't on the phone.
He told me that he loved me, and he promised we'd meet again.
He told of his new home, and the job he was to begin."
"God is building an army, and there are many angels needed.
That, is where daddy and the others went. They weren't all defeated.
"It was then, the mother lifted her head. The tears streamed down her face.
And she could feel her husband's presence, as it filled her heart with grace.
It was then she knew her son was right. He was in God's great army now.
She also knew her son was safe, that he'd be kept from harm somehow.
So, evildoers of the world beware. An army is on the way.
Bolstered by new angels, who left the towers that day.
Their commander has never been beaten. His power has never been matched,
And if evil thinks He was almighty before......Well, the surface has just been scratched!



The Parks Fam said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful post Megan! It was sooo touching, it definitely brought tears to my eyes. What a great reminder! Makes me realize how blessed we all are. Your the best!

ARRON N' L!SA said...

thanks for the reminder of how proud i am to be an american (sorry shan, canadians are great too). man life is really to short to worry about things that just dont matter. we truely are blessed to have wonderful families and friends. :)

jeremyandholly said...

you are a good person. thank you for "remembering"...and helping us all to reflect. i'm grateful you are my friend.